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    Creating Marketing Strategy

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    Discuss the steps in the marketing process as presented by Marketing Nonprofit Organizations in Today's Economy (D.E. Visuals, 2005). Provide examples where appropriate from your research. The link (word doc) with info for the question is attached.

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    In marketing steps aim is to brand the company's message that defines a certain theme related to the product of service. For instance, in the link document on page 5 provides a very good example how a Non-profit organization structures their messaging brand with another business organization, which, one or the other is mention the observer/donor customer recognize the NPO immediately. Basically, the marketing core processes to initiate starting the project entails the following areas:

    a) Defining marketing agenda (i.e; NPO mission is to serving homeless individuals or families to starting over within the targeted population)

    b) ...

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    The review into creating a marketing strategy by outlying such process to reaching success.