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Customer Retention Strategy: private member health clubs plus a structured essay plan

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"Identify the critical factors that form a successful customer retention strategy."

I'm writing a literature review of the above question and don't know which topics need to be included.

I've looked at relationship marketing but need to include service quality, customer satisfaction, customer expectations and customer perceptions.

I need a detailed and structured essay plan, covering all the aforementioned points and any more you would consider important.

The case study is on private member health clubs.

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The 821 word solution covers a wide range of topics for a customer retention strategy, and then it is followed by the outline of a structured essay plan.

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You have stated that you are completing a Literature Review for this assignment, so I will assume that at this point, you have collected all or most of the literature that you will require. Based on that assumption, I will suggest an organization method for the journals, books, etc that you have found. Then, I will provide you with a sample structured plan for your essay, including all of the points you have stated as important.

To begin, you may want to take your literature at this point and divide it into piles. These piles will form the basic structure of your essay. For example, you have said that you will be looking at service quality, customer satisfaction, customer expectations and customer perceptions from the perspective of relationship marketing.

So, you should now divide the research you have into these sections.

This may sound simplistic, but it is a useful organization tool when you are dealing with a lot of research. You have also said that you are not sure how to bring in each of these sections into the broader framework of relationship marketing. So, the question you need to ask yourself at this point is this: "How is *service quality*, etc., important in the concept of relationship marketing?" The answer to this question will probably be a combination of your own knowledge base and business experience, your ...

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