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Health Care management

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Details: While Eric is wildly optimistic about Harley Health's future prospects, you perceive that the booming high-quality health and exercise market is both an opportunity and a threat. The growing market for this health equipment is bound to attract the interest of competitors. Is the shift in the health equipment market an opportunity for accelerated growth, or a problem of retaining customers? Or is it both? What information must you gather to analyze this marketing question?
Consider what you know so far, and generate a list of questions for data collection and analysis. The analysis will be used so HHI's management can make a good strategic marketing decision. Consider this a "brainstorming" type of exercise where no idea is wrong and the intent is to uncover as many relevant issues as possible.

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//Rising awareness towards a healthy lifestyle has posed various challenges for the fitness equipment firm. In the entire case study, we will discuss the positive and negative influence of the booming market over the fitness industry. In the study, we will find out the strategic alternative for the Hadley health firm to retain the customer against the competitors. In order to proceed with a paper like this; first, we will discuss the expected benefits and threat of this booming scenario.//

The booming scenario in the exercise market and premium quality health can bring out both opportunities and threat. The increased level of health care awareness, consciousness for quality health, substantial increase in efficient workout activities and aging population are one of the major driving forces that are emerging in the health equipment market. It is considered to be an opportunity for the future growth of the business as it will encourage the industry to come up with new product innovation in the fitness equipment industry.

The flourishing environment of the industry allows the firm to introduce new fitness packages to allure the customer. But simultaneously, it will pose threat as the associated future growth prospect of the market will invite various competitors to enter into the business and increase the dominance of new fitness center chains. Due to this reason, additionally, the firm needs to place advance efforts for the retention of ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 916 words with references.