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    Competitive Advantage: Club IT mission and strategies

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    An essay that requires the following information:

    ?Resources: Club IT, Part One, reading supplement
    ?Read the Club IT, Part One, reading supplement.
    ?Prepare an essay that addresses the following:

    oClub IT's mission and primary clientele.
    oClub IT's information resources include intranet resources; for example, the password to log-in is clubit. Resources also include the role of the IT department and how its information resources are managed.
    oChoose one of the different strategies for competitive advantage listed in Ch. 2 of the Rainer and Turban text, which presents cost leadership, differentiation, innovation, operational effectiveness, and customer orientation. Describe the kinds of information Club IT would need to pursue that strategy.

    ?Include an introduction and a conclusion.

    I have attached the resource materials.

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    Competitive Advantage: Club IT

    In this essay we will discuss about the Club IT, which is a downtown music venue managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. In this essay we will discuss about the mission and primary clientele of the Club IT along with a number of other information's. In addition to its mission and clientele we will discuss about the information resource of Club IT along with the role of its IT department and the procedures through which information resources are managed. In the end of the essay we will delineate about a strategy for achieving competitive advantage.

    Mission of this club direct its owners towards the success of their club along with an achievement of its various other strategic objectives. Club follows its business operations along with this mission:

    "We, desire to offer our customers with live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit their lifestyle. Our customers are our friends, and we try to build a community that can gather on a regular basis at Club IT" (About Club IT, n.d).

    The primary clientele of Club IT are basically the customers that prefer music mostly in their spare time or for entertainment. Its clientele are from medium families as it is not so costly that customers cannot ...

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