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    Typology of Career Systems: Strategy Formulation and Planning

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    Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Maury Peiperl have proposed a typology of career systems in which organizations are classified as one of four distinct strategic staffing types: fortress, baseball team, club, or academy (see pages 139-143 of the Greer text). Analyze your current or former employer according to this typology system by answering the following questions:

    1. Which strategy type does the employer most closely match? Why? (Your analysis should include a discussion of the employer's overall HR strategy focus, and its policy implications for employee entry, development, and exit.)

    2. In a memo format, advise the leadership of your current or former employer on which policies, if any, would you change? Why?

    Need assistance and guidance in getting started. Must be original, APA format, in-text citations, with references. Thanks!

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    Formulation planning
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    Formulation planning

    Executive summary
    Different organizations fit within different strategic positions available on the topology of career systems which were developed by Maury and Jeffrey. Companies can be classified as clubs, baseball teams, academies or fortresses. An organization can only fit within a single topology depending on the company's characteristics.

    Topology of career systems assists in identifying an organization's characteristics a placing it within the desirable quadrant that matches its characteristics. The purpose of this paper is to provide an analysis on my former employer according to the typology system providing a discussion of the employer's overall HR strategy focus, policy implementations required for an employee's entry to an organization, development, and exit. In addition to that, the paper also provides a discussion on the policy that I would change and the reason why I would change that policy within a memo format.

    My former employer closely matches the club strategy of the topology system because my previous employer was located within a banking company. Other than that my employer had a strategy of being a low cost producer by focusing on cost control whereby short term focus and predictability were valued under the principle of cost control (Employee retention N.D). The competitors to the former company that I worked in competed against us through controlling the costs of their ...

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