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Marketing Ground Rules and the Use of Banners for Internet Ads

I need help with the following (2) questions:

1. The first point is ground rules; they are a critical component to focus groups and when establishing the ground rules, it is important to remember that all members must participate as much as possible. However this can lead to problems with time management and can obstruct your primary goal which is generating useful information. Because the focus group sessions are often a one-time event, it's useful to have a few, short ground rules that maximize participation, stay with the allocated time slot and maintain focus. Consider the following three ground rules: a) keep focused, b) keep moving forward and c) get closure on all questions. The second point covers the agenda which will help to maintain the focus; consider the following agenda: a) welcome/introductions, b) review of agenda, c) review of goals, d) review of ground rules, e) questions and answers, and f) wrap up. How about a few examples of ground rules or agendas for focus group meeting you would hold to benefit your organization?

2. What is you opinion on the effectiveness of Internet banners for marketing purposes? They are a proven concept where the initial investment in testing their effectiveness has already been made years ago. Do you believe it is fiscally responsible to not spend too much money on market tests to quickly without first determining your return on investment (ROI)? Bottom line... companies must make a profit to survive so cash has to be spent wisely. Also, there is always an opportunity cost associated with every spending decision. Can anyone in the class give me any examples of how to gauge the effectiveness of a marketing effort in terms of ROI?

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I would add a couple of ground rules. First is to ask if one needs clarification of anything. Sometimes people are afraid to seem stupid if they ask for clarification. Not asking can lead to off topic discussions or members of the group not participating. The second is to realize that the rights to participate and have opinions are for all. Civility often deteriorates in any group with a single misplaced reaction to an opinion or discussion topic. Having a ground rule of civility or rights for all is important to keep this type of issue from occurring or having a reference back for the facilitator as to the ground rules. As ...

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Discussions on two questions. The first on the ground rules for focus groups and their uses within the research. The second is on the effectiveness of internet banners as a means for marketing to the public.