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Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

Marketers need to decide the best possible way to get the message about their products to those consumers who would be interested in making a purchase. Advertising is one of the most popular methods for companies to use to deliver their product messages. However, not only must the marketing communications manager decide where to advertise but also how to communicate that message. There are four primary objectives that marketers wish to accomplish with advertising: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, and Ordering.

Discuss how Internet advertising can be used to accomplish these four objectives.

Awareness - Visit both Buy.com [http://www.buy.com] and Amazon.com [http://www.amazon.com/]. What features of their homepages are attempting to trigger awareness in the consumer? Is one more effective at generating awareness?

Comprehension - Go to the Sony Web Site [http://www.sony.com], select electronics, electronics again, then chose televisions from the drop down list. How does this site help comprehension of the product offering?

Conviction - Go to REI.com [http://www.rei.com/] and shop for tents. What does REI do to try to convince customers to purchase a tent?

Ordering - Go to Google.com [http://www.google.com] and search for glasses. Notice the different ways that Google sells advertising space. How are sponsored links different from TV ads and magazine ads for a consumer that wants to order the product?

Choose one of the objectives and share your findings. Please be descriptive.

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Internet advertising is extremely helpful in achieving these four objectives. First of all, internet advertising helps a portal in creating strong awareness by bringing the desired traffic and target customers on the website. Use of banners, SEO techniques and online marketing tools create strong visibility about the website. Secondly, internet advertising in various locations over the web provides comprehensive information to the customers about the product, such as via articles, press release and ...