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Pros and Cons of using Any One Medium to Advertise

2. We have started to discuss various media types/mediums that can be used to convey an advertising message.
Choose a product or service at your current job. Tell us what it is (a brief description may be necessary).

Next, choose one the following mediums and list the Pros and Cons of using this medium to advertise the product/service you chose.

Cable TV
Network TV
Mobile messaging
Magazine print
Newspaper print
Flyer distribution
Internet banners
Word of Mouth
Direct Consumer Contact (booths at trade shows, fan fests etc.)

Finally, tell which media types you would use (feel free to add some that are not listed above) in a comprehensive advertising campaign and why you would choose those mediums (think budget, target market, relevance to your product etc.)

Please provide all references used.

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The product selected for the discussion at my current job is a chair. I am working in a furniture house that provides various types of furniture for making people life comfortable and relaxing. The product selected here is Chair that is usually seen as a support for sitting. Most of us are not able to identify the health hazards of wrong posture while studying or working in office. Our furniture house designs various types of comfortable chairs that furnish our customers with more and more comfort.

For ...

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The solution discusses the pros and cons of using any one medium to advise a product or service.