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Using Business Technologies

1. Compare and contrast three types of task interdependence.

2. Describe a real-life example of how departments work interdependently in both a manufacturing and service-based organization.

3. Analyze and describe the technologies preferable for each type of task interdependence.

4. Analyze and explain how these technologies are used.

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Three types of task interdependence

1. Pooled. This interdependence exists when various tasks, in relation to the company's operations, are performed separately with no particular sequence or order. The outputs in each task when taken on the aggregate result to a higher organizational performance and would provide the company a better chance to meet overall goals and objectives.

In this type of interdependence, the degree of collective/group work is less. People are only connected through effective communication strategies.

2. Sequential

In this type of interdependence, tasks are completed in a sequential manner. The task to be performed may be in the form of an assembly in which a particular order is followed. The output in one step of the process will serve as the input for the next step until the end of the line where the output is produced.

The degree of collective /group work is ...

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