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Societal Norms for Marital Statuses and Family Life

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This response targets two television shows or movies for the following questions:

1. What today's society accepts as the norm for marital status and/or family life
2. One that looks at the "old school view of family life and marriage."
3. How does this change and shape our future generations?

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Excellent questions! I also attached an interesting article that supports the third question.


1. What today's society accepts as the norm for marital status and/or family life?

Today, society accepts different family structures for marital status and/or family life. You do not have to be married to be considered a family. There are single parent households, same couple families, both parents working families, to name a few. Often children are left to fend for themselves more than in the past e.g. latch key kids. Children do not have the security of coming home to a parent who has lunch prepared and someone too welcome them home from school. Are these children lacking essential tools for developmental milestones to be met adequately?

Let's look at the television show "My Two Dads (1987 -1990)." In this television show we are introduced to a teenage girl Nicole (Staci Keanan), who is left in the custody of two men after her mother passes away. She had been raised in a single-parent home, with a mother who also worked, so Nicole had plenty of time alone. Then, Nicole was left in custody of two men because her mom never knew which one of these men was her father, as both were her former boyfriends. In the show, the two men raise Nicole together - odd Couple-style, with Joey (Greg Evigan) the artist and Michael (Paul Reiser) the clean-cut guy (Source: http://tv.popcrunch.com/the-25-worst-sitcoms-ever/).

What is this teaching our children? Does it tell them that anything goes and that parents are really not that important to children, and that ...

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This solution compares two television shows or movies on various dimensions e.g. today's norm for marital status and/or family life vs. traditional view of marriage and how this might change future generations. Supplemented with a highly informative article on latchkey (also called self-care) children.

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