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different perspectives concerning psychological disorders an

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What are the two different perspectives concerning psychological disorders and culture?

How do you define normal and abnormal behavior? What factors influence your definition? Why?

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First off, I define abnormal behaviors as actions that defy societal norms and interfere with proper life functioning. To me, normal behavior facilitates fully functioning abilities and also complies strongly with societal norms and values.

Instead, I believe that any behavior that not only conflicts with societal or cultural expectations but also hinders daily life ...

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Different perspectives concerning psychological disorders and culture are briefly provided.

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Psychological Disorders from a Cultural Perspective

Are psychological disorders universal or culturally specific? I feel they are both with more weight being universal and perhaps the cultural standpoint having a triggering effect to the disorder. It seems confusing and quite complex. Would more well-know disorders like schizophrenia, depression, and ADHD, be considered universal? I would appreciate some direction on this subject.

Thank you In advance.

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