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The Five Dimesions: Geert Hofstede

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Identify the five dimensions researched by Geert Hofstede. Describe each dimension and how it could affect international business dealings.

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Five dimensions:

Power: sometimes considered as distance from the power the people feel closer to power and have the right to demand or complain from power versus those who feel far removed and subordinate to power.

In the power differences, there are the balance of societal pressure being controlled more by government and more by the power. Dealing with the subordinates of the power in a negotiation or business transaction will not always gain a company what it wants or needs. Also, those on either side of the power distance must remember that the power is perceived, but real in the minds of the people, controlled through the use of hierarchical structures, or the lack of such structures.

Collective or individualism: this dimension is also referred to as Eastern vs Western cultural differences. Societal norms are placed within a group is the person is in a collective ...

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This solution identifies and discusses the five dimensions researched by Geert Hofstede.