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Geert Hofstede Research Regarding American and Japanese Beliefs

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What are the revelant details of Geert Hofstede research of both American beliefs and Japanese charactericts likely to have influenced initial entry into Japan?

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Japanese characteristics are different from American beliefs because of their national culture, so it could affect those who want to enter Japan. The followings are relevant facts of Geert Hofstede research that influences a new entrant into Japan:

Power Distance: This dimension states that all individuals are not equal within societies because of their different cultural attitudes. The Japanese hierarchy in organizations is based on all members' experiences involved in each organizational function, and their importance in the decision-making process. But, in America, the hierarchy is based on vertical and horizontal groups that are effective in making decisions at individual levels (Thomas, 2003). There are two levels of power distance from medium to low in America, but, in Japan, there are different levels of power distribution within an organization that influences the decision making process directly. So, ...

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