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    (1) Fungi as human pathogens

    (2) Fungi and their symbiotic role

    (3) Fungi in commercial applications.

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    There are several different fungi that are human pathogens, for example Penicillium marneffei is a dimorphic pathogenic fungus that can replicate by fission. It is the only known dimorphic species of the Penicillium group. The bamboo rat, Rhizomys sinensis, of Vietnam was where it was first found and was identified for the first time in an HIV-infected person in 1988. P. marneffei is prominent among HIV infected people in Southeast Asia. It can be deadly, causing respiratory, systemic, and skin mycoses. Symptoms in AIDS patients can include skin lesions and papules that contain a necrotic umbilication that is centrally located.

    Fungal pathogens that can infect people are rare and many people do not know about them. Most of them do not cause fatal diseases, but once contracted ...

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    This solution discusses in detail fungi as human pathogens, their symbiotic role, and commercial applications.