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Economic importance of fungi

1. Cite six ways in which fungi are (a) beneficial to humans, and (b) harmful to humans.
2. A lichen is a symbiotic relationship that most often involves which two organisms?
3. Karyogamy in the basidiomycetes results in the production of what?
4. Fungi are non-motile. How are they dispersed to new areas?
5. What fungai structure allows fungi to survive unfavorable environmental conditions?
6. What are mycorrhizae? What is the function and identity of each partner in this relationship?

Solution Summary

Fungi act as natural decomposer acting on dead and decaying substances. Some fungi is commercially utilize for fermentation in baking and brewing industry. Antibiotic Penicillium is extracted from Penicillium notatum and Ashby gosypii a filamentous yeast is used in the production of vitamin riboflavin.