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Basic knowledge about mastitis

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MASTITIS : definition, susceptibility, classification and causes.

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MASTITIS :- Inflammation of mammary gland is one of the most complex and costly disease of dairy cattle and buffaloes. The predominant cause of mastitis is microbial infection.

Mastits affects every dairy operation and more than 50% of all dairy cattle and buffaloes in India inflicting huge economic loss amoounting to high of Rs 2000 crores per annum.

Subclinical mastitis is more prevalant and causes major losses. Gross abnormalities in the udder are absent though physical, chemical, and bacteriological changes in the milk are evident. There are definite changes in the milk composition as a result of microbial infection and its action or effect on secretary tissue. This renders milk unsuitable for consumption and also for making various milk products. Inspite of all the scientific progress, ...

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