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    Bacteria, Fungi and Antibiotics Competition

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    1.When bacteria and fungi are competing for the same resources, the bacteria usually dominate and prevent the fungi from growing. As a result, fungi have adapted so that they can live (and thrive) in environments that are very hostile to bacteria. Give five examples of fungal adaptations that allow them to colonize environments that are hostile to bacteria.

    2.Many antibiotics, including penicillin, are derived from fungi. Why do you think fungi produce these substances? In addition, fungi often secrete substances into the foods that they are attacking that make these foods unpalatable or even poisonous to other creatures. What kind of advantage would these substances provide the fungi?

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    1. The following are adaptations that have allowed fungi to survive in environments that are hostile to bacteria. You can pick and choose which ones you want to use:

    a) Fungi can grow by extending their hyphae, which are very tough and can punch through plan cells and insect exoskeletons.
    b) They can grow in environments with very low moisture.
    c) Fungi can derive nutrients from dead or living plant or animal ...