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Is China a planned/market/mixed market economy? Brazil?

I am wishing to gather information on factors of production for specific products and economic markets of the areas in which they were manufactured but am having difficulty locating information on the following:

Is China a planned/market/mixed market economy?

Is Brazil a planned/market or mixed market economy?

Locate who manufactures FIFA 2007 or The EA Sports Madden 2007 video game. I have found that is made by EA sports within various locations such as Chicago, Montreal (Canada) and Tokyo (Japan) and boasts a development team that is more than 4,100 people strong but I am unsure if that is where they are manufactured or just where the development of ideas are made? Please discuss.

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Is China a planned/market/mixed market economy - I have found conflicting information on the topic.

Just refer to the following statement:

"Xiao, also a professor at the prestigious Beijing University, said the booming non-public sector, including foreign-invested firms, provided a strong base for the burgeoning mixed economy.

The total assets of the domestic private economy had exceeded the net assets of the state-owned sector, he said.

By June 2002, there were 2.2152 million private enterprises with registered capital of 2.1 trillion yuan (253 billion US dollars). The two figures in 1978 were both zero.

Fan Gang, another leading Chinese ...

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