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    Konicron Electronics

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    Memo which takes in consideration global marketing, global economic, global financial, global political, and global technology environment.

    The deliverable has to address each of the following:
    Compare the gross domestic product (GDP) composition of China, the United States, and Germany, and analyze the impact of the composition of GDP from the perspectives of product and marketing development for Konicron Electronics in each country. In your analysis, you will need to make reasonable assumptions about the core technologies developed by Konicron.
    Identify and discuss the major consumer electronics product segments in each country.
    Discuss productive product strategies for each country that Konicron could apply.
    Identify how the product technologies of Konicron Electronics might be adapted to support the new product strategies.

    I have compared the GDP, but I am not sure how to assess assumptions, identify the product segments and strategies for this company with the materials provided.

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    //Before writing about the comparison between the business environment and GDP rate of the different countries, we have to understand the concept of 'Globalization'. It will assist in understanding the global marketing strategy, global economic environment, global financial position, global political environment and global technological environment. We will discuss the overall global business environment by considering the various factors, for example://

    Marketing management

    Globalization means going beyond national boundaries. When a company decides to become global, it should consider the environment of the market, where it plans to launch its products. This environment includes political, financial, economic and technological environment. If any company ignores this aspect while entering into any market, the chance of success is very low. Global marketing environment is concerned with customers and competitors at a global level that are to be considered while framing marketing policies (Kotler, 2002). There are endless opportunities and threats presented in the marketing environment. Thus, a company should analyze its macro environment carefully. Major changes in social, economic, political and technological environment have a long lasting effect on the workings of the company.

    Global economic environment is related to the income distribution, credit availability, rate of savings and investment and availability of debt. Marketers often differentiate among countries on the basis of income, i.e. low income; medium income; high income etc. Marketing decisions are strongly affected by changes in political environment. Stability of the government, regulation of business, government interference, number of political parties, etc. are the factors which frame the political environment of different countries. Technological environment includes trends and development which aims at improving production, creating new product technologies, changing needs and wants and developing new ways of marketing ...

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