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    Steps of a Civil Suit

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    You purchase an electronic item and it does not fulfill the promises that the company advertised. In addition, this electronic item causes injury to you. Assume that this civil case will be taken all the way to the appellate court. Outline and describe the basic legal steps that are generally taken.

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    The Basic Legal Steps That Have to be Taken:

    STEP 1
    You need to file a complaint with the proper court and you become the plaintiff, the electronics company that sold you the device becomes the defendant. You need to mention the law and the relevant sections under which you file the complaint. You may also ask for damages for the hardship and injuries suffered by you.
    STEP 2
    You should ask for summons to be served to several locations of the electronic company. The summons locally will be served by the deputy sheriff and to outside state locations it will be served by post. This will inform that electronics company that a suit has been filed against him.
    STEP 3
    The court will give the electronics company to give a reply to the summons and state its version of the case. The electronics company will normally deny the accusations and give reasons for the denial.
    STEP 4
    You and your lawyer needs to decide the venue of the case. Usually you can only select such a court that has jurisdiction over your subject matter. You will be asked to file the suit where you and the electronics company are located. Since we assume that your case has not got excess publicity, it should be tied in the county where you are located.
    STEP 5
    You need to file the petition also known as the complaint that sets forward your side of the argument and why you should prevail. Your pleading should have various distinct statements ...

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