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Mr. Jones's Projects: Civil Aspects & Criminal Acts Resolution

Mr. Jones's projects include some of the largest residential subdivisions within the city. While Mr. Jones's business was developing the infrastructure of its newest and largest subdivision, the city discovered an easement for a city utility line on the subdivision that did not belong to Mr. Jones. The owner of the property where the utility easement is located also discovered the error. The City is threatening to close down the subdivision and Mr. Jones's business, and is threatening to sue Mr. Jones for fraud against a municipality. The adjacent property owner is also threatening to sue the client for damages to his property and for trespassing. The adjacent property owner is a citizen of Switzerland.

1) Compare the proposed resolution of the civil aspects of the situation with the criminal acts resolution.

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The issue is that since Mr. Jones may not actually have broken or damaged the utility line or its supporting structure. In addition, Jones actually may not have busted or wrecked municipal property. In a civil suit the resolution ...