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    1.) Shirley Jones, a professional entertainer who lives and works in California, brought suit in a California state court claiming that she had been libeled in an article written by the defendants in Florida and published in the National Enquirer, a national magazine having its largest circulation in California.

    Does the California court have jurisdiction over the defendant?
    Include a discussion of Due Process in your answer along with a discussion of Personal Jurisdiction + Subject Matter Jurisdiction. Define all THREE concepts....

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    STEP 1
    Due process:
    Due process refers to the due process of law. There should be a guarantee of basic fairness, justice and liberty. There should be natural justice and procedural justice. Specifically, no individual can be deprived of life, liberty or property without the due process of law.

    STEP 2
    Personal Jurisdiction: Personal jurisdiction means that the court can require a defendant or even a witness to appear before the court. The court must have ...

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