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    Web page Creator Subject to a State's Jurisdiction

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    When is a Web page Creator Subject to a State's Jurisdiction? Creating and maintaining a Web page that is accessible from anywhere in the world poses new jurisdictional issues. In this 1999 article, Christopher Wolf, and attorney at a Washington D.C.law firm, explains the evolving law on jurisdiction on the Internet. the question is whether a court has personal jurisdiction of an individual just because the individual posts a Website. Mr. Wolf summarizes the law relating to that issue.

    Part 1. After reading this article, select a Web site and analyze whether the Web site creator would be subject to jurisdiction in the examples given.

    Part 2. Look at Mr. Wolf's article entitled "Internet Jurisdiction" read all sections of the article including the conclusion. Answer the following

    Why is personal jurisdiction an issue for those who post websites?
    What are some reasons that a Website owner might be concerned with whether a court is able to obtain' Personal Jurisdiction over them?
    what is normally required for a court to have personal jurisdiction?
    When is a Court required to use long-arm jurisdiction?
    Why is long arm jurisdiction an issue for those who create or poat Web pages?
    According to the Wolf article, is advertising on the Web alone enough to confer personal jurisdiction?

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    Personal jurisdiction as an issue for the people who post Websites

    Personal jurisdiction acts as an issue for the reason that there exists a thin line of difference between the factor called strictly interactive and strictly passive utilization of websites. Adequate information of activity is available in a state which is outside of the state in which the website was created. Therefore, in this case, court bears the personal jurisdiction regarding the issue that whether a case can come in front of the judge (Wolf, 1999).

    Concerns of the website owner

    It is necessary for the website owner to give due attention to the information, which they want to project during the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 426 Words, APA References