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Workers Compensation Analysis

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Visit your state workers compensation web site. Who is covered by your state's laws. (Post your answer to Blackboard. Also post the web address for your state workers compensation agency.)Does Workers Compensation Work? Please visit with an individual you know who has suffered an on-the-job injury and has received workers compensation benefits. (This can be you if you meet the criteria.)

Determine if:
1. Did workers compensation supply sufficient financial support to care for the employee and his/her family?
2. Was medical treatment sufficient?
3. Was the injured employee returned to work in the same or similar job?
4. Were the goals as stated in your state's workers compensation mission statement met in the instance of this injured worker?

Go to the discussion board and check to see if there is a discussion question for the week . Participate in discussion, there will not be a

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According to the federal workers compensation package, all legally employed US citizens are covered by the compensation laws.

According to my state's workers compensation website, all legally employed US citizens working within the jurisdiction of the state are covered by the compensation laws.

A friend of mine suffered an injury on his job as a correctional officer, while he was attempting to break up a ...

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