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Workers Compensation Claim Various Problems

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Several weeks after you and Jackie have met concerning her time and attendance, you receive a phone call from one of her co-workers. Jackie has been found passed out in the bathroom. Next to her is a wrapped up dollar bill with a white substance by it. You direct the worker to call the EMT's. She is brought to the local hospital where she stays for two days.

She calls you on the phone and tells you that she will be returning in two days. You ask her for a doctor's note to return to work. She tells you that she will provide such. But that she will also be filing a worker's comp claim.

How do you handle these various problems?

Please use legal support for your analysis.

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The solution discusses the workers compensation claim in the various problems.

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The first thing that I would have done in a situation of this nature was to have the white substance that was wrapped up in the dollar bill taken to the hospital or a lab to have it analyzed, in order to determine if it is an illegal drug etc. This is due to the fact that if this is an illegal substance such as cocaine etc. that caused her to pass out, ...

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