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    Managing Workers' Compensation Claims

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    This solution anwers the following questions:
    What exactly is workers' compensation?
    What are some best practices for managing this activity?

    Workers' compensation is a benefit program that provides for medical treatment, and in some instances, financial payment, for work-related injuries or illness. Best practices include timely investigation of the incident, collaboration with the medical staff to assist with return to work, frequent communication with the employee and prompt issuance of benefits/compensation due.

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    Workers' compensation is typically a state program in which the employer, and in some instances, the employee, pay a nominal fee based on payroll deductions for "insurance" to cover work-related injuries and occupational illnesses. Generally, when an employee is injured on the job or develops a condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome due, they are entitled to file a workers' compensation claim. There are usually ...

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    In over 250 words, this solution addresses what a workers' compensation claim is, along with typical benefits due such as time loss when a worker is unable to perform their job and also medical coverage for treatment of the injury or occupational illness. The solution discusses best practices in managing claims of this nature and how to assist the injured worker.