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Worker's Compensation Law

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I'm having trouble with this end of the chapter question in my studies. Please summarize the question in 2 paragraphs or more (6 sentence minimum for each paragraph) and use complete sentences and your own words. Please cite any references. Please keep your opinion out of the response (only focus on the

1. Summarize the worker's compensation laws in the state of Illinois (include key points).

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The Worker's Compensation Act in Illinois is similar to the Act in the other states. Most of the states are uniform in the provisions of their coverage. In Illinois specifically, the Worker's Compensation Act is a no-fault act. This means that regardless of whose fault the accident or injury was, worker's compensation is in effect. An employee cannot be refused coverage under worker's compensation because the act that caused the illness or injury was his or her fault, or the fault of another employee, a customer, etc. In Illinois, the worker's compensation act is all-inclusive. Essentially, any type of employment in which the employee is engaged under law is considered sufficient in order to file a worker's compensation ...

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This solution helps the student summarize the worker's compensation laws in the State of Illinois.

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