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Legislation and Compensation Acts

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Timothy Scott (47), father of 4, has been working for Canary Mining for the last 27 years. Last month Tim suffered an injury at work, which left him physically unable to perform his task as required. Which are the Legislation and Compensation Acts that protect Tim? Define the protection provided by each one of those pertaining to Tim's case.

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//The Legislation and the Compensation Acts are those acts that safeguard the workers or the employees of the organization against the risks that are faced by the organization. Here; it is important to focus upon the concept of the Legislation and the Compensation Acts. These type of acts are framed, in order to defend the employees or the workers in terms with any sort of damages.//

The paper discusses that Timothy Scott had been working for Canary Mining from the past twenty-seven years. The person met with an accident and due to injury, he is unable to perform the tasks in the factory. The paper discusses the legislation and the compensation acts that prove to be beneficial for Tim during this critical period. In this case, the organization is supposed to behave in a supportive manner that is to work on the basis of the laws or the organizational norms. The employee is a part of the organization and it is the firm's responsibility to help the employee in such a dejected situation.

When such a problem occurs, the employee should immediately report to the supervisor or the person concerned. The person is injured and is unable to work; this reduces the capacity of the employee to continue with the job. It will ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 798 words with references.