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Court Jurisdiction

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Define the terms "subject matter jurisdiction" and "personal jurisdiction".
What are the requirements of personal jurisdiction in a federal court?
Explain the 3 different types of personal jurisdiction. Provide examples for each. What are the 2 types of cases federal courts may hear? Explain each type, and give an example(s).
Provide any APA citation and references.

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Define the terms subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction.

In regards to jurisdiction, the term subject-matter jurisdiction represents what court has the authority of hear cases of a particular type or cases relating to a specific subject matter. If a case is a criminal case only criminal courts will be able to hear these cases.

Personal jurisdiction exemplifies the ability of courts to possess the power to hear and rule on lawsuits that involve defendants who have contact with the area where the court is located. This gives a court the ability to rule on persons within their ...

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The expert defines the terms "subject matter jurisdiction" and "personal jurisdiction". The tree different types of personal jurisdiction are provided.