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Amazon's success, differences to brick and mortar store

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1. What aspects of customer service have contributed to Amazon.com's success?

2. What are the differences in the purchasing experience between buying a book at Amazon.com and at a Barnes & Noble brick-and-mortar store?

3. What problems arose when Amazon.com expanded its offerings to products other than books?

These are to help me complete my case Amazon.com case study.

This is from the Consumer Behavior and Marketing strategies book. J. Paul Peter and Jerry C. Olson.

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Consumer behavior

Amazon.com evolved from being just an online bookstore to a large ecommerce platform where a customer can find everything they require to obtain online in a convenient way. The customer service at Amazon.com is known to have three aspects of the Amazon culture that is customer service, customer loyalty, and customer retention. The experts at Amazon Company have expressed their opinions that the customer service has played an important part in increasing the ...

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Amazon's success and the differences to brick and mortar store are examined. The consumer behavior for these establishments are examined.

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