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    Ethical or Unethical acts, Assange's WikiLeaks, abortion

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    Choose a current event that displays ethical behavior and another current event that displays unethical behavior. You are required to provide a thorough discussion for each current event and explain why the behavior was ethical or unethical. In the case of the unethical event, what could have been done differently to change the behavior from unethical to ethical? In the case of the ethical event, what was the behavior that you felt displayed ethical guidelines?

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    Choose a current event that displays ethical behavior

    Ethical behavior comes with it the elements of honesty and responsibility.

    I have identified Julianne Assange's expose against secrecy.

    Although this would be controversial whether it is an ethical or unethical act but in my perspective, Assange's expose' against secrecy is an act of ethical behavior.

    Assange was responsible for exposing government secrets to the public by the use of the internet in a site called Wikileaks, founded in 2006.

    Assange's philosophy is "To radically shift regime behavior we must think clearly and boldly for if we have learned anything, it is that regimes do not want to be changed. We must think beyond those who have gone before us and discover technological changes that embolden us with ways to act in which our forebears could not." He further wrote that "the more secretive or unjust an organization is, the more leaks induce fear and paranoia in its leadership and planning coterie.... Since unjust systems, by their nature, induce opponents, and in many places barely have the upper hand, mass leaking leaves them exquisitely vulnerable to those who seek to replace them with more open forms of governance."

    Another current event that displays unethical behavior.

    Abortion is a sensitive is issue in some places in the world.
    These are the arguments against abortion : (http://womensissues.about.com/od/reproductiverights/a/AbortionArgumen.htm)
    Pro-Life - 10 Arguments Against Abortion
    1. Since life begins at conception, abortion is akin to murder as it is the act of taking human life. Abortion is in direct defiance of the commonly accepted idea of the sanctity of human life
    2. No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment, and abortion is no different.
    3. Adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and accomplishes the same result. And with 1.5 million American families wanting to adopt a child, there is no such thing as an unwanted child.
    4. An abortion can result in medical ...

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    This solution discusses whether the acts like Assange's WikiLeaks are ethical or unethical. Abortion as a controversial ethics issue is also discussed.