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What is moral intensity and ethical sensitivity?

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What is moral intensity and ethical sensitivity?

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What is moral intensity and ethical sensitivity?

Moral intensity refers to the idea that "one's perception, evaluation, and response to a moral issue stem from characteristics of the issue itself." (Davis et al., 1998, p. 374). Moral intensity is postulated by Jones (1991) as being a multidimensional construct comprised of: magnitude of consequences, social consensus, probability of effect, temporal immediacy, proximity, and concentration of effect. Singhapakdi, et al. (1996) through factor analysis distilled these into two main factors: Actual Harm Done to the Victim and Social Pressure. McDonald et al. (1988) found that Hong Kong managers tended to view "victimless" unethical acts (e.g. obtaining trade secrets from competitors) as ethical while viewing unethical acts against ...

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