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    Changes in Ethical Perspectives

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    How have your ethical perspectives changed since you have finished your educational program?

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    After finishing my educational program, I have realized that excellent instruction is a teacher's first moral obligation. If a teacher has a high level of moral professionalism, she/he has a deep obligation to help students learn and will do her/his best in imparting the knowledge to her/his students. Before, I was not very particular with punctuality and attendance. I believed that for as long as I don't hurt anybody, I am alright. This was my carefree attitude before I studied education program. After studying this course, I have to demonstrate moral professionalism if I have to obligation to help my students. Some of the things that I have to remember are coming to work on time and regularly, careful planning and conducting classes; being ...

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    The solution discusses how one's ethical perspectives have changed after studying an educational program. The expert provides references included.