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    Feminist Ethics

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    What additional perspectives do women bring to our understanding of ethics? How might attention to these concerns alter our conception of virtue? Can feminist insights be incorporated effectively at the level of individual decision making, or does their impact require fundamental changes in the social and political environment?

    One productive direction for our discourse in this discussion might be to look for ways in which feminist ethics fits with the traditional normative theories. Can we use old categories of thinking to express our recognition of new ideas?

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    Feminist ethics has made us aware first and foremost of the utter inequality in the conception and treatment of the role of women in society. As far as ethics is concerned, feminist theory has showed that the traditional theory of ethics itself is biased and gender-oriented, conceived, and carried out by traditional male-dominant philosophy. Take for instance the notion of virtue, a Christian notion, which emphasizes the myriad ways in which women to conform to their husbands, to their family, to their parents and in general, to the "superior" male logic. While it is very rare to hear the label of a "virtuous man" outside the ...

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    The additional perspectives of feminist ethics understanding are given. The fundamental changes in the social and political environment are discussed to determine the impact.