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    Ethical Codes and Diversity Perspectives

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    Discuss how ethical codes address diversity perspectives and multicultural concerns. What are the strengths and limitations of these codes concerning diversity and multiculturalism? Address two or more ethical codes in your analysis.

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    The ACA 2005 Code of Ethics contains eight main sections which are (1):

    1. "The Counseling Relationship" - Counselors should encourage client development and growth while nurturing healthy relationships. They dynamically work toward understanding the diversityin cultural backgrounds of the clients they serve; however, they also should be exploring their own cultures. Counselors are also encouraged to volunteer in the community by helping others with no monetary gain.

    2. "Confidentiality, Privileged Communication, and Privacy" - Counselors recognize that trust is a basis of the "counseling relationship" and seek to earn the ...

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    Discusses the strengths and limitations of ethical codes when working with diverse cultures.