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    The Golden Rule& Multiple Choice Customer Service Questions

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    "Follow the Golden Rule" is an example of a (n):

    ethical conflict.
    legal guideline.
    ethical guideline.
    outmoded rule in a competitive work environment.

    The way to add value for customers is to:

    reduce the price of goods.
    provide training for using the product or service.
    offer a discount for future purchases.
    satisfy their needs.

    The cycle of service chart lists a series of:

    highs and lows in providing customer service.
    moments of truth experienced by a customer.
    service problems encountered by a customer.
    times at which a product should be serviced.

    With respect to ethics, moral intensity refers to how:

    strongly one feels about an issue.
    far a person deviates from an ethical code.
    deeply others might be affected by one's actions.
    well a person's moral code is developed.

    After identifying customer needs, you then:

    search for ways to satisfy company needs.
    find ways of satisfying them.
    ask the customer to satisfy your needs.
    modify those needs to fit your company's requirements.

    According to the guide to ethical decision making, when trying to decide on a way to resolve an ethical dilemma:

    weigh each alternative according to its financial consequences.
    make an intuitive decision within five minutes.
    imagine several possible options.
    decide to either do or not do something.

    A realistic customer retention policy centers on the idea that:

    some customers are so unreasonable they are not worth keeping.
    the customer is always right.
    a customer retention rate of about 50 percent is realistic.
    a company should strive to retain all their customers.

    A study found that when customer service workers receive emotional support from coworkers, they:

    have the courage to be rude to customers.
    provide better service to customers.
    have a lower customer-service orientation.
    lower their organizational citizenship behavior.

    According to the analysis presented in the human relations text, which one of the following values is part of virtuousness?

    not worrying too much about reality
    forgiving any breach of morality, however serious
    faking reality when it fits a person's self-interest
    thinking independently rather than relying too heavily on others

    An internal customer is a (n):

    customer who knows top management personally.
    person within the company who uses your output.
    person who buys a product or service in person.
    employee who acts as a customer spokesperson

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    "Follow the Golden Rule" is an example of a (n) ethical guideline.

    The way to add value for customers is to:
    provide training for using the product or service.
    (although you may also consider this if you are allowed two: offer a discount for future purchases. )

    The cycle of service chart lists a ...

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