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    Ethics Based on Corporate Statements

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    Go to a public corporation's website and read their statements on corporate social responsibility. What aspects of their ethics do you agree or disagree with? Why? The J.C. Penney Website was used to example ethics.

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    J. C. Penney has been in operation for more than a century, according to their website, and in this century they have maintained a philosophy based on the Golden Rule (Social responsibility, 2011). According to this rule, they maintain a "treat others as you would like to be treated attitude" to all of their customers (Social responsibility, 2011). This is a very good idea in theory as it presents a Biblical and ...

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    Companies operate in different ways all over the country. Each company has a set of ethical values that they live by; these values can be seen as ethical, and sometimes unethical. This 276 word solution focuses on J.C. Penney, and their corporate statements on ethics and corporate responsibility. Additionally, this response provides one reference source for further investigation of the given topic.