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    Ethical dilemmas with surrogacy, donation of egg or sperm

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    (1) What ethical dilemmas surround surrogacy and the donation of egg and/or sperm? Because surrogates are paid, is this a practice that exploits the poor, such as surrogate mothers in India? Why or why not?

    (2) Due to the high cost of fertility treatments, doctors often place multiple eggs back into the womb. Is selective abortion moral? If parents decide to give birth to all of them, does society have an obligation to help families with multiples who are born premature with defects or who are mentally retarded? If so, how?

    (3) Assess the ethical issues surrounding the medical challenges of supporting the life of extremely premature infants. Should extremely premature infants be saved at all costs? Who should make the decision for treatment when a baby is born extremely premature?

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    The ethics surrounding surrogacy, egg, sperm or embryo donation vary regionally. Some will argue that with women going to college, and a strong part of the work force, reproductive issues have shifted. Women delaying marriage, parenthood or failing to find a suitable partner has compelled a new look at motherhood. Biologically, a woman can be a mother and it is up to financial or religious challenges that might discourage a person from not using one of the said alternatives not ethics.

    The system does exploit the poor but it is not an obligation and those in low income status can pursue any revenue producing route they choose. It does provoke a risk to the surrogate's body but just like mining or working in other high risk professions, a woman that helps another with this task gleans ...

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    Assisted reproductive technology, ethics of modern child creation and related issues are discussed.