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    Suppose the (1) ____ oocyte is on its way down an oviduct when a female and male are engaged in sexual intercourse, or (2) _____. The male sex act requires (3) _____________ and ejaculation. During coitus, pelvic thrusts stimulate the penis, the female's (4) ____________, and the vaginal wall. The mechanical stimulation induces involuntary contractions in the male reproductive tract. It forces sperm from the (5) _____ and contents of seminal vesicles and the (6) ________ gland into the urethra. The substances mix and form (7) _____, which is ejaculated into the vagina. During male (8) ________, the end of the sex act, strong sensations of physical release, warmth, and relaxation dominate. Similar sensations typify female orgasm.
    Following sexual intercourse, (9) _____ are in the vagina. Fertilization most often takes place in the upper portion of the (10) _____. When living sperm contact an oocyte, they relase (11) ______ that clear a path through the zona pellucida. Usually only one sperm fuses with the secondary oocyte; only its nucleus and centrioles do not degenerate in the oocyte's cytoplasm. Sperm penetration induces the secondary oocyte and the first polar body to finish meiosis (12) _______. There are now three polar bodies and a mature egg, or (13) ______. As the sperm and egg nuclei fuse, their chromosomes restore the (14) ____ number for a brand new zygote.
    A. orgasm
    B. II
    C. clitoris
    D. enzymes
    E. diploid
    F. oviduct
    G. secondary
    H. epididymes
    I. semen
    J. sperm
    K. erection
    L. prostate
    M. ovum
    N. coitus

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