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Family Characteristics and Homeschooling

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What are the four main characteristics of families who decide to homeschool their children? Provide references and if possible, other links or recommended readings.

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This solution discusses the relationship between the unique characteristics of families and the decision to homeschool their children?

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1. What are the four main characteristics of families who decide to homeschool their children? Give examples and references.

There are four main characterisitics of families who homeshool their children:

1. Families who homeschool their children generally can be described as religious, conservative, college educated, middle-class, two parent, (Bielick and others 2001; Rudner 1999, Bauman 2001) and politically active (Lines, 2001).

2. Bauman (2001) concluded that homeschooling families are most prevalent in rural and suburban areas of the West and tend to have one parent not in the labor force.

3. Rudner (1999) revealed that about one-fourth of homeschooled students were being educated by a parent who was a certified teacher.

4. In terms of achievement, Rudner (1999) found that about 25% of homeschoolers were performing at one or more grade levels above their peers in public and private schools.

Note: This research is based in the United States of America and may not generalize to all countries.


1. Angelis, K. L. (1998). The Evolving Relationship Between Home Schoolers and ...

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