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    Education: Recession Proof Industry

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    Education is often considered a recession proof industry. In todays changing landscape, discuss whether or not education jobs are at risk of being off-shored or outsourced. What forces change the shape of the education employment landscape. What can be done to secure employment going forward?

    This should be an outline for a 5-6 page paper.

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    A paper has three main parts: Introduction with thesis, body and conclusion. To address this assignment, you need first to choose your particular job or industry. Since I am a teacher, I will choose education, or teaching, as your example. Model your paper, with your chosen job or industry, after this example.

    First, your posting does not specify any formatting protocol that you are expected to use (MLA, APA, etc.). If this does not matter, you can format your paper using standard academic writing: choose a simple font like Times New Roman, and font size 12. Double-space your paper, since most formatting styles require it. Add no additional spaces between paragraphs, and use a standard indentation at the beginning of each new paragraph. A title page is up to you: I find that it makes the paper look more professional. Your posting also does not specify if you are to use outside resources to support what you have to say in this essay. To impress your teacher, I would include one or two references. You can always delete them if they are not allowed. Your sample paper begins with title page:

    Education: A Recession-Proof Industry
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    Education: A Recession-Proof Industry
    Education is an industry in both the private and the public sector. Governments sponsor public education for their citizens, and private entities also offer education on a for-profit and on a not-for-profit basis. Many industries suffer during economic downturns, also known as recessions. Education, however, is a recession-proof industry, for several reasons: first, because there will always be a supply of new children who need to be educated, secondly because not all parents are equipped or able to educate their own offspring, and lastly because even if governments implode during severe economic times, there will still be a private market for educators.(thesis statement) For these reasons, education is still a growing job market, even in the present tough economic times.

    (Begin body paragraphs ...

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    Why education is a recession-proof industry, with model sample paper to compare: introduction with thesis, body paragraphs with Web-based resource quotes, conclusion and references.