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This post addresses the earnings of athletes.

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Do you think an athlete, having no formal education or no apparent skills training, should earn $1 million plus annually for athletics?

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The solution provides a thorough discussion examining the earnings of athletes, and if athletes, having no formal education or no apparent skills training, should earn $1 million plus annually for athletics. The solution is written based on 25+ years of professional experience in the accounting and finance industry.

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I do think that the salaries of athletes are outrageous. Even if the athlete did have a college degree and training in some other field, but for whatever reason became an athlete, it still wouldn't change my opinion on the compensation of athletes. The main issue is that an athlete is making millions of dollars. I remember several years ago in the news, this debate became really heated across the country when one of the main baseball teams (I believe it was New York) signed an athlete to a contract that guaranteed a salary of $252 million for ten years. $25,200,000 every year for ten years for playing baseball as a professional athlete! In my opinion, one of the many problems is that the payments ...

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