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    Membership in Special Groups

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    I need your help with the following:

    Look into the varied individual interests you have that are affected by public policy decisions made by local, state, and federal government. These interests can be professional, economic, and/or social in nature.Draft a corresponding list of the groups or organizations that represent your individual interests. For instance, various professional or trade unions may represent your occupational interests. A "consumer watchdog" group may represent your interest as a paying customer.

    I need at least 700wd count for the following questions, any help will be appreciated:

    1. How well do the identified groups or organizations represent your interests?
    2. What means do these groups or organizations use to represent your interests?
    3. Are there any instances in which your interests compete with one and another?
    4. Are any of your interests protected at the expense of the general public?

    Thank You.

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    Public Policy Decisions & their Effects

    Public Policies are those courses of actions taken by government entities & powerful international and state-empowered institutions (the UN, NATO) with regards to a particular or several issues. In the US, it is seen not only as the end result of policies but encompasses the decision-making process including an analysis of actual government-made decisions. Public concern and interest in government policies has resulted to the inception of Public Policy and Public Administration as important academic disciplines in the social sciences, particularly Political Science and Economics. What becomes public policy eventually must satisfy society, the constitution and be relevant to the times and the needs of the people. Hence, what can easily be seen as a simple process to a course of action is in actuality a time-consuming process that includes research, debates, public forums and several sessions in appropriate government departments including the Congress and the Office of the President (at least in the US) for the purpose of approval and deliberation. Thus, it is easy to generalize the far reaching effect of a singular policy because it affects one and all from the most powerful individuals to those dependent on the government or others for their welfare and well-being.

    Personal Analysis

    I work for WebPros, an internet ...

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    The solution was written to help a student in putting together an essay that looks into the role of special interest groups, specifically that of a consumer watchdog organization keen on protecting the interests of costumers. The essay looks into public policies, and explains how this affects the life of an individual from a 'first person viewpoint' - contrived to present the perspective of the student. Written in the APA-format, attached as a word file for easy printing.