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Social Groups & Social Change: Change Agents

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Examine a social group or organization to which you belong (school, government, family, religious, special interest club, etc.). Prepare a 750-1000-word paper explaining the role of the group, the social functions it supports or promotes, and how this role may have changed over the past 20 years. Be sure to consider the cultural, structural, ecological, demographic, and technological influences. How has this group affected your life, personally and/or professionally? You may choose to explain how and/or why the group has changed via one of the sociological perspectives and/or incorporate data from primary resources from the Online Collections.

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The solution provides a concise explanation of social group and social change and at the same time details a situational explanation of social groups and social change according to the membership of an 'imagined' social agent - a college student. The solution is attached as a file: Social Group Essay.doc - written in the APA format replete with references.