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    Social Groups & Society

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    What role do groups play in a society's social structure?

    Could you give me 2 examples of groups, describing how these groups are influenced by their norms and sanctions?

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    Social Structures, Social Groups & Social Institutions: An Explanation

    Society is made up of individual members. These members band themselves into together, at times informally providing a social force that affects the manner of how things are organized (in grade schools for example, children & teens band together to make informal groups or gangs and they influence each other heavily - emos, Goths, geeks, techies, etc. but they also have formal groups like the Glee Club, the Debate Team, the Football Team, etc.). These are the social groups, organizations of people who are on their own individual social agents (influencing as well as is influenced by the group). This is because any organization, whatever the nature and type is a social agency where people, social agents come together to share ideas, share lives. This sharing, exchanging and giving creates new knowledge, practices & traditions and ultimately leads to the creation of a certain culture - beliefs & practices shared by a group. There are varied changes in society that agencies and agents can influence or cause to happen - economic, political and of course socio-structural (also plainly known as social although economic and political change fall under the heading of social by nature). Every culture and society has its rules and the status qou is dictated by it. These ...

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