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Characteristics that determines a person's social class/status

Submit a paper written in the APA writing style defining the characteristics that determines a person's social class and social status. Analyze the effect of these characteristics on consumer buying behavior, including how marketers customize specific strategies to attract a consumer from a specific class and status.

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In every society, there are group of people belonging to different or similar social ranks. The status or class of a person is based on social evaluations i.e. the status of an individual is high if the role he is playing is considered important by the group of people and if it is considered low by the group, status of the person is low. Different bases and criteria's have been adopted from time to time for determining the status of a person. Following are the characteristics that determine and classify people of the society in different social class and status groups. These people are segmented or grouped on the basis of the following attributes ...

? Occupation (profession or means by which a person earns his / her living),
? Education,
? Income,
? Wealth,
? Race,
? Ethnic groups,
? Possessions,
? Neighborhood,
? Family prestige,
? Intellectual attainment,
? and Political power

Above discussed characteristics define and categories the social class that a person belongs to in the society where he lives. Social classes decide the lifestyle of a person of a group and it is not that difficult to move from one social ...

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