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    McNeil Museum of Art

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    1. What is the McNeil Museum of Art, and what is its image in the community?
    2. What are the possible sources for strategic change for the McNeil Museum of Art?
    3. How would you describe the overall performance of the McNeil Museum of Art?
    4. What can be done to improve the auxiliary activities of the museum?
    5. Discuss the possible operations control issues that McNeil Museum of Art may have.
    6. What recommendations should Ms. Mercer and Mr. Pate make to the McNeil Board of Trustees based on marketing control considerations?

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    Case Study
    Please answer the questions based on the attached case study. Please have a minimum of 500 words.

    1. What is the McNeil Museum of Art, and what is its image in the community?

    The McNeil Museum of Art is a non-for-profit corporations located in Universal City, which is a large metropolitan area in the western United States. McNeil Museum of Art was founded in 1925. The museum was originally chartered as the Fannel County Museum of Fine Arts and was funded by an annual appropriation from Fannel County. In 2000, the name of the museum was changed to Jonathon A. McNeil Museum of Art to recognize the museum's major benefactor, Jonathon A. McNeil. According to the terms of the $25 million gift given by Jonathon McNeil, the museum is to provide an inviting setting for the appreciation of art in its historical and cultural contexts for the benefit of the current and future generations of Fannel County citizens.

    The museum's image is that the new facility is referred to as the marble box by the critics because the building façade contained Italian marble. In the mind of the public, the museum has no image. The building doesn't say this is a museum or come in. There are a lot of people that are not interested in high culture and think this is a drive-in bank or an office building. People think that there is something wrong with the museum. However, the museum is very dependent on the membership contribution than any other museum. The ...

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    The McNeil Museum of Arts for the image in the community is determined. The possible operations control issues that the Museum might have it determined.