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    Target Audience for the Ritz Theatre and Museum

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    Discuss the market segmentation for the Ritz Theatre and Museum in Jacksonville, Florida. Who is the target market for this company? Outline the selection process for this target market in the context of this industry as a whole.

    Include demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioural characteristics. Include a positioning statement for the company in relation to branding strategies.

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    The Ritz Theatre and Museum was constructed in 1999 in Jacksonville's historic African American community of La Villa ("History of The Ritz", n.d). The mission of the Ritz Theatre and Museum is to "research, record, and preserve the material and artistic culture of African American life in Northeast Florida and the African Diaspora, and present in an educational or entertaining format, the many facets that make up the historical and cultural legacy of this community" ("History of The Ritz", n.d). The Ritz is a community gathering place for many. It is a place where ideas are exchanged, talent is nurtured, creativity is celebrated, information is disseminated, missing chapters of history are restored in a special way and where roadmap for future is developed. Whether someone is visiting the museum or attending a concert or watching a movie, being in Ritz leaves them with a special feeling.

    US Theatre and Museum Industry
    In the artistic community, artists see marketing represent compromise of their creativity. Marketing means catering to the taste of the audience rather than artists expressing their vision. Experienced marketers think that it is inappropriate to see marketing in such narrow light with incorrect interpretation. In fact, with appropriate market segmentation analysis, artists can thrive. When arts organizations find and attract the right audience for each artistic effort, more artists can connect with audiences that appreciate and value their individual talents and ideas (Vitale, n.d). A strong marketing plan includes market segmentation analysis and selection of particular audience segments. The marketing goal for art oriented organizations is not to fill in seats but to attract right people with right message through the right media at the right time with right product at right time. Getting the right potential audience members is important for everyone in the industry- artists, management and board. By targeting such audience members, a strong base of satisfied audience is built that values the artistic product. Successful segmentation in art industry is based on the premise of ...

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    This response discusses market segmentation within the industry of the Ritz Theatre and Museum.