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    Marketing Plan for Airport Cinemas

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    I need help with a marketing plan for building cinemas in airports for long delays, stop-overs, etc. Can you help me with the following?
    1. Overview or introduction of my service
    2. Business Mission Statement
    3. Situation Analysis/SWOT
    4. Marketing Plan Objectives
    5. Business Competitive Advantage
    6. Strategic Directions and Target Market
    7. Marketing Mix and Follow-up on the Marketing Plan

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    1. Overview
    Every one of us would have experienced a long flight delay or stop over atleast once in their travel. Even though most of the airports have restaurants and retail shops and even malls, passengers get over these "means to kill time" pretty soon leaving them with endless time to spend. This is the time when they want to relax but not get bored in the wait. To provide passengers struck in delays with an entertaining option, I propose opening cinemas at major airports.

    2. Mission Statement
    Our mission statement would be to help passengers struck in long delays and stopovers with best entertainment right at the airport.

    3. Situation Analysis/SWOT
    - Cinemas at airport would provide passengers with entertainment while they are waiting for their flights
    - It would reduce passenger traffic at the airport which would enable better management of services
    - Passengers would make less fuss about the delay
    - Better environment at the airport

    - Dependency on airline timing for show timings
    - Passengers might not accept the idea of watching movie due to scare of missing important announcements
    - Difficult to schedule movies as there is a constant stream of departures and arrivals

    - Apart from cinemas the business can earn revenue from in-house restaurants
    - Customer confidence can be built through locker service which would take care of passengers' luggage at nominal rate

    - Process improvement initiatives by airlines which reduce delay time leading to reduction in customers
    - Non-approval from airport management authority for getting ...

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    The marketing plan for airport cinemas are examined. Marketing mix and follow-up on the marketing plans are provided.