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Matrix for word problem

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Four theaters comprise the Cinema Center: Cinemas I, II, III, and IV. The admission price for one feature at the Center is $2 for children, $3.50 for students, and $5.75 for adults. Suppose that on a particular Sunday 240 children, 100 students, and 75 adults attended the evening show in Cinema I; 60 children, 240 students, and 290 adults attended the evening show in Cinema II. 300 children, 63 students, and 107 adults attended the evening show in Cinema III. No children, 197 students, and 183 adults attended the evening show at Cinema IV.

Write a matrix A that represents the Cinemas, and the number of each type (children, student, or adult) that attended each Cinema.

Write a column vector B representing admission prices.

Perform the multiplication AB and explain what this product represents.

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